Brand deals
for live streamers

Loots enables creators to sell slots for Branded Content on their live channels.
Directly, and within seconds.

How does it work?

It's simple!

Just place our loots button below your stream.

If a brand wants to appear on your stream, they'll click the button, upload their creatives, make payment and within seconds, their Branded Content will show up on your stream.

You get paid immediately for every display of Branded Content on your stream.

The Button

With Loots, brand deals become the simplest process in the world.
All the hassle is now streamlined into a single click of a button.

Once signed up, you'll find all you need to add the button to your channel.
Go to your Settings and you'll be ready to go in seconds.

Click, Buy, Run,
Buy again

By clicking the Loots button, brands are taken to a simple checkout page where they can buy their slot on your stream.

Once the order is in and payment is made, their Branded Content will be queued to show up on your stream.

Instant Payouts

Every order is processed in real-time.
Your money is paid out instantly.

Branded Content

Once the money is in your account, it's time to fulfill your end of the deal. Next time you go live, Branded Content will be displayed on your stream.

  • 30 seconds long (or less)
  • always muted, no sound
  • video, or static image
  • plus message in chat, 288 characters (or less), plus target link

On the Loots platform brands can choose from a list of different brand units to define the style in which their content will show up on your stream.

Show me

Safety first

At Loots, content safety come first.

All brands on the loots platform have undergone a proper vetting process and agreed to comply with our current set of Content Guidelines.

We employ both human moderation and robust AI tools to thoroughly check every piece of Branded Content before it appears on your stream.

at all times

A live countdown will show you when the next display will pop up on your stream.

You set the limits on how often Branded Content is allowed to show up on your stream.

You can pause and resume whenever you like.

Revenue share

You already did all the hard work!

You built an amazing audience and developed a brand that people love.

With the Loots platform we want to help you to turn all of this into a sustainable business.

There’s no question about it - you deserve the lion’s share.

How much
can I make?

Play around with the deal calculator to get an idea of your revenue potential.

Simply type in your audience size and your estimate of how many slots for Branded Content you want to sell.

Deal Calculator

Complete the form for a speedy estimate of your potential earnings per deal.

How to
get started?

Everyone is welcome!

Sign up now and kickstart the onboarding process. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes.

Can I use it on Twitch?

Yes, no worries, you can. In June 2023, Twitch clarified its stance on Branded Content.

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