AI driven
Brand campaigns
In live streaming

Leverage the power of the new Loots self-service platform and
reimagine how you activate audiences in Live Streaming.

Why Live streaming?

Gen Z has abandoned the open web for social experiences.

Live Streaming is the place they hang out today. It has become the most vibrant media category among Gen Z audiences.

A new way
to engage with
live streaming audiences

With the new Loots platform, we re-thought every aspect of how brands can approach live audiences.

Thanks to advanced AI, targeting is more precise, and clients enjoy real-time campaign data. Plus, it's all self-service for your convenience.

  • Advanced AI Targeting
  • Cross Media Content Units
  • Real-Time Campaign Data
  • Cookie-Less Tracking
  • Self Service
  • Highly Flexible

Live audiences
with AI

Utilize Loots targeting AI to identify audiences based on the content being watched right now.

Then, filter them by territory, channel sizes, or age groups.

Branded Content
Exactly at the right time - thanks to AI

During your Loots campaign, Branded Content units determine how your brand appears live on stream.

With every display of your Branded Content on stream, your Call-to-Action and Target Link are posted into chat.

Timing is paramount.

Loots utilizes AI to monitor user engagement and sentiment during a live stream, deciding the perfect moment to appear on stream and trigger user engagement.

Show me
This is how your Branded Content will show up on stream.
00 / 00s
Once you booked your campaign the content unit you selected will pop up live on targeted streams.
Your Branded Content will appear for a max. of 30 seconds.
Branded Content is always muted, no sound. You will blend in perfectly.
At the same time your Call-to-Action and Target Link are posted into chat.
That's it. You reached your targeted audience, now you can start evaluating the data.


The next display will appear shortly, intervals are set based on your continuity settings.
You can pause, stop, re-run or re-allocate whenever you want.

AI under the hood -
Live Campaign Data & Analysis

Finally see what's going on.

Loots provides you with dashboards powered by AI, giving you access to real-time, in-depth insights into the performance of your campaigns at all times.

Cookie-less tracking

No cookies? No problem.

Loots is designed with a cookie-less environment in mind, offering native support for cutting-edge tracking tools.

in seconds

Set up your Loots campaign in three simple steps:

  1. 1
    Set Targeting
  2. 2
    Define Goals and Budget
  3. 3
    Upload Creatives

Moments later your campaign will show up on live streams around the world.

Brand Safety first

At Loots, brand safety is paramount.

  • strong creator vetting process
  • AI supported content monitoring

All creators on the loots platform have undergone a proper vetting process.

Robust AI monitoring tools ensure that your brand only appears in a brand-safe environment.

Enjoy the show

Once running, the Loots platform ensures full transparency on where and when your Branded Content is displayed.

Run, pause, stop,
re-allocate, refund

At Loots, we built a risk-free environment for you and your clients.

You can run, pause, and stop campaigns whenever you like. You also have the flexibility to re-allocate budgets and refund any unused amounts at any time.

Dynamic Pricing

We want you to get the most out of it.
Sales prices are adjusted based on demand multiple times a day.

Live streaming

At Loots, we are committed to providing our partners with cutting-edge technology and helping them excel further across the entire category of live streaming.

We always strive to be as agnostic as possible to perfectly fit into your workflows.

The Loots platform offers agency discounts, dedicated agency tools, and shared accounts to provide the most comprehensive solution for you and your clients.

Can I use it on Twitch?

Yes, no worries, you can. In June 2023, Twitch clarified its stance on Branded Content.

How to get started?


Create a free advertiser account
and start playing around.

We're here 24/7. In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.