Reward Your Audience with Sponsored Tips

Offer your viewers to send donations without spending their own money.
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Tips Are Free Now

Your viewers no longer need to spend money to send you donations.

With Sponsored Tips advertisers pay for your viewers' donations in exchange for screen time on the live stream.

This way all parties win.

Advertisers get access to streaming audiences, your viewers engage free of cost and as a broadcaster you gain a new source of income to develop your channel.

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Your New Tip Jar

Start with loots just by claiming your new tip jar and setting up your personal link.
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It's out in the Wild

Check out Remorce and Grimtier explaining what loots is.

Enable Every One in Your Audience to Tip

Be part of a truly inclusive tipping platform.

All your viewers now can engage with your channel through tips - without spending their own money.

No one is kept out - owning a credit card or paypal account is no longer a requirement for supporting the stream.

Signing up for a loots account is also not mandatory - thanks to the guest mode viewers can send tips simply by email confirmation.

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Network Support

Sponsored Tips are out for streamers on Twitch, YouTube, Smashcast and Beam.

Simple Integration With Live Streaming Software

We can work with your setup - use Sponsored Tips with OBS Studio, OBS Classic, XSplit, Roxio Game Capture or Elgato software.

Easy setup. Seriously.

Receive your first tip in minutes.

No Chargebacks

We guarantee it.

Sponsored Tips are built on top of an ad revenue model. Therefore real money transactions between viewers and streamers are kept out of the platform.

With no real money transactions there is no risk of chargebacks for streamers.

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Monthly Paydays

Reliable payouts through PayPal.

The 20th of each month is payday here at the loots headquarters. That's when we start processing the electronic payouts.

That's right - we're helping to make streaming feel like a real job – but in a good way!

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