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If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQs please contact us. You can also join Discord to get in touch with our community. Our mods are always happy to help.

What do I do if my viewers cannot send me Sponsored Messages?

If you are online and broadcasting, your viewers should be able to send Sponsored Messages. Normally, users will see one of the following messages if loots is not active:

  • "[Streamer Name] is taking a tipping break" - This means that the Messages Page is either paused or drained.
  • "Wow! A temporary message limit is reached for [Streamer Name]" - This means the earnings limit has been met and is temporarily paused.
  • "A connection error occurred. [Streamer] has to reconfigure the browser source to activate sponsored messaging." - The broadcaster needs to confirm that overlay elements are configured properly. Usually, refreshing the source link solves this issue.
  • "Oops, [Streamer Name] needs to do some more configuration to activate sponsored messaging" - Please check the setup guide
  • "[Streamer Name] is not live at the moment" - the system is not detecting the broadcaster is currently live.

If your viewers are having trouble sending sponsored messages, you can try the following:

  • Check if any server issues were reported via Twitter or Discord
  • Check Live > Sponsored Messages > Status and ensure the following message is shown: Perfect! All systems running and you're live
  • Ensure you are not paused. Try Pause and Unpause tipping via your Live-page.
  • Refresh your Live-page and have your viewers refresh your messaging page. You can do this by pressing “F5” on most browsers.

If none of the above resolve your issue, you can swing by the Support Discord or shoot our support team an email at support@loots.com.