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How much can I earn with loots?

loots is a unique, fresh approach towards monetizing your stream. We are a next generation platform for advertising, sponsorship, messaging and analytics. We have an enormous amount of data available to us.

With loots, we leverage that information to ensure everyone is paid fairly and accurately based on 5 variable metrics and factors :

  • Performance
  • Network
  • Region
  • Season
  • Boosters

Your viewers are more than numbers to you and YOU are more than numbers to us. We developed an innovative system that evaluates several points when determining how much each Sponsored Message is worth.

(1) Performance - Every time a viewer of yours sends in a loots Sponsored Message, our system evaluates your stream according to your overall performance. The systems takes the following into consideration:

  • View Count
  • Viewer engagement
  • Audio / Video quality
  • Duration and frequency of streams
  • Activity over the past 30 days

You don’t have to have a huge stream to get a good performance rating. Maybe you’re only reaching a small, niche audience but you tend to stream often and for long periods. Our system understands that. Your Performance Score is custom tailored and gets updated whenever a new Sponsored Message arrives, always based on the last 30 days. There are 10 categories ranging from D (lowest) to AAA (highest). Most people end up around BB.

Performance Rating

Your Performance Score will have the largest impact on your overall earnings. So be sure to keep an eye on it in your Dashboard.

(2) Network - We support multiple networks. You can use loots on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube. Each network has their own unique audiences, features and cultures. Because of this, our advertisers and sponsors may wish to target specific networks with their campaigns. This can boost the payouts for streamers using loots on that platform!

(3) Region - Gaming and streaming is a global affair. loots is available in multiple countries and regions. Depending on the region you are streaming from and the regions our sponsors and advertisers want to focus on, there may be payout boosters available for you. We work with advertisers from around the world to ensure we’re covering as many regions as possible. In the event your region isn’t included in a campaign, our system will adapt accordingly (for example, by bumping the time between Sponsored Messages hitting your stream).

(4) Season - You may have noticed that there’s two times per year when all the big games tend to drop. The first period is April through June, the second is October through December. During those six months, you can expect not only more campaigns but more special events and boosters as well!

Other Boosters - Outside of the reasons mentioned above, there may be other booster opportunities too! We’re always looking to better incentive our streamers and provide better rewards. Be it a special holiday booster or a booster for something else worth a celebration, we’ve got you covered.