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If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQs please contact us. You can also join Discord to get in touch with our community. Our mods are always happy to help.

How to use loots in the most successful way?

A few things we highly recommend to improve your loots experience:

Put a loots-Banner on the top of your stream description and link it to your Messaging Page: loots logo (.svg)

Give your community a topic to write about: Write me what you think, about the new DLC or which assault rifle is the best in. Daily topic: Jokes about dragons!

Create a !loots bot command, posting the link to your individual loots Message Page: Support me and write me a free message: https://loots.com/destiny (e.g.)

Talk about loots and explain how it works: https://loots.com Tweet about using @loots or use other channels to inform your community

Announce our specials, like sweepstakes, where your community can win prices.

Encourage your audience to sign up at loots, for messaging you easier and more frequently.