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Photo Marc Fuehnen

Marc Fuehnen

Co-Founder / Developer / CEO
Photo Brian Muldown

Brian Muldown

Co-Founder / Developer / CTO
Photo Unai Garcia Garcia

Unai Garcia Garcia

Lead Developer
Photo Thomas Mugler

Thomas Mugler

Director Influencer Outreach & Community
Photo Anne Hamann

Anne Hamann

Director Creative Services
Photo Enrico Strutz

Enrico Strutz

Vice President Operations
Photo Claudia Kühl

Claudia Kuehl

Vice President Sales, Europe
Photo Felix Hopp

Felix Hopp

Manager Influencer Outreach & Community
Shane Wilson

Shane Wilson

Vice President Sales, America
Photo Dennis Ronneberger

Dennis Ronneberger

Head of Sales, Europe
Photo Matthew J. Marshall

Matthew J. Marshall

Product Manager
Photo Daniela Fedyakin

Daniela Fedyakin

Junior Full Stack Developer
Photo Luis Farzati

Luis Farzati

Software Developer
Photo Ramin Ahadi

Ramin Ahadi

Software Developer
Photo Bogdan`

Bogdan Girman

System Engineer
Photo Boris Gojic

Boris Gojic

Director Business Development
Photo Franck Russel Kuipou

Franck Russel Kuipou

Software Developer
Photo Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Community Manager
Photo Julian Stroeh

Julian Stroeh

Head of Streamer Acquisition & Partnerships
Photo Nicolas Geiger

Nicolas Geiger

Campaign Manager
Photo Huy Danh

Huy Danh

Campaign Manager
Photo Rebecca Lautner

Rebecca Lautner

Director Partnerships
Photo Sandy Bruschies

Sandy Bruschies

Team Assistant
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