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How does loots works with Streamlabs OBS?

Getting started with loots and Streamlabs OBS is quick and easy!

Just download the Streamlabs OBS App, go to the App Store and download the loots app.

  1. In the SELECT NETWORKS section, select your main streaming accounts.

  2. In the SELECT SCENES section, select one or more Scenes to enable Sponsored Messaging during.

A Sponsored Messaging Browser Source will be added to the selected Scenes.

  1. Configure your OVERLAY preferences.

After completing, you’re ready to use loots!

• Monitor and control your Sponsored Messages by clicking the DASHBOARD button.

• View your earnings by clicking the EARNINGS button.

Tip: If you don’t want Sponsored Messages to appear during a specific scene, delete the browser source.

Tip: Link to your MESSAGING PAGE on your live stream channel and share it in chat often to encourage your viewers to send you messages.